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Vintage Visions: Premier Blog Post 3/6/2017

I’m back! I took an extended vacation.Talk about procrastination!

Let’s get down to it.  I loved  to read books when I was a kid.  I was a loner.  Even though I had friends, I preferred to be with my books.  I was a good student, and got good grades.  My favorite classes were English and social studies.  And looked what happened…  I’m a history/sociology major at Excelsior College.

The most talked about issue in the age of Trump on social media is politics. Why do political issues consume us? Because they excite our intelligence.   What else is there to talk about (coming from a political junkie)? How can you not want to have some intellectual stimulation  in your life?

I want you to read my blog, and be part of it.  I created this blog to improve my writing skills, and interact with a diverse group of people. I love Republicans, Democrats, Patriots, Socialists and everybody in between.  Nobody wants to talk about the “sticky subjects.”  Nobody except us.

Welcome to the conversation.

The Koch Brothers: America’s New Dictators


As an American, I’m feeling a bit lost with all that has been happening in our country lately. Ferguson, scores of other police brutalizing citizens, a looming possibility of another full-fledged war in Iraq, and the fact that no matter what President Obama tries to do, the Republicans continue to oppose him, all of these issues make me ashamed of being an American. Don’t get me wrong, I served in the US Navy and wore the uniform, but the military was nowhere for a young, gay woman to be, so I was honorably discharged. That was back in 1987. That’s when I realized that this country was not my country anymore.

I’m active in politics, and vote for Democrats, but I am not seeing much of a difference regardless of who I vote for. It seems like Citizens United is running the country now. I don’t have the Koch brothers’ money to purchase a senator or congressman, but rich Republican one-percenters can. Let’s face it. I live in the South, and people here vote Republican because they are prejudiced and hate Obama, hate gays, hate women, hate non-Christians, and hate themselves. They are Fox News junkies, and hide behind their guns and religion.

Yet these very same Republicans live in run down trailer parks with their trucks jacked up on cement bricks so they can work on them in the front yard. Don’t forget the typical Rottweiler or Pit-bull that barks all day and night, and tries to attack the unsuspecting mailman. These people are going to Wal-Mart to stock up on groceries with their government issued EBT (foodstamp) card, yet they complain that the government is overreaching. So let me get this right: Redneck Republicans use government issued food stamps to buy groceries, and come back to their run down shacks and listen to Fox News. Fox News tells them to be afraid of everything, and people who are on foodstamps are lazy because they won’t take a minimum wage job at McDonalds. Yeah, okay…that makes sense. Go GOP!

The Republican Party provides a platform for hate. Hate is legitimized when a ballot is cast for a Republican. The GOP is the party of the super elite. Fox News spits out right-wing propaganda 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the Koch brothers are the new dictators. The big brothers of the Republican Party are having a field day with their vast fortunes. They can buy entire school systems, radio and television stations, seats in the senate and congress, and influence legislators to pass laws that favor the few while squeezing the life out of the many.

How long are we going to sit down and take it? The US Supreme Court is complicit in all of this because they allowed Citizens United to prevail, and this gave people like the Koch brothers the freedom to contribute as much money to any candidate anonymously. Why do you think the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that was so opposed to the US Constitution? Because Supreme Court justices are part of the one percent, and do not represent the will of the average American citizen.

Frankly, nobody in Congress (Republican or Democrat) is aware of the constant struggle of people in the lower-middle class. Most of them will never make it into the middle class, even if their parents are middle class. Up until a couple of generations ago, it was commonly expected that children would do better than their parents. That is simply no longer the case. People are moving in and getting help from their parents when they should be able to make a go of it on their own. They should also be in a position to help their parents, and they can’t. What is the reason for this? Enough congressmen and women have been bought by the likes of the Koch brothers, and have sold out their constituents. The Koch brothers have arrived, and Americans are under their dictatorship.

The Sandy Hook mass shooting

The Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting was a wake-up call to the American people about the severity of gun violence in this country. The timing could not have been more horrific. While parents were finishing up Christmas shopping, their children were being targeted, in their own school, by a gunman carrying out mass murder inside a classroom. These parents could never have imagined that when they left their children at school that day, they might never again see their child alive. Unopened Christmas presents would sit under the Christmas tree as a macabre reminder of a child who would never come home again, a child that they would never hold in their arms again, or a child that would never grow up and fulfill his or her calling in life.

The whole country was robbed of its innocence that day at Sandy Hook. Too many children have been murdered inside the one place where parents could rest easy that their children were safe. This is no longer the case because criminals and unstable people are able to get their hands on assault weapons.

The Columbine Shooting should have been the wake-up call, and if bold gun legislation had been pursued at that time, perhaps the Sandy Hook Tragedy might never had occurred. But the Sandy Hook Tragedy did happen, and it happened right under the noses of the American people. The tragedy finally ignited an action-oriented passion that produced a critical mass of people coming out demanding strict gun control legislation. Even members of the National Rifle Association (with the exception of NRA’s president) came forward to denounce the legal loopholes in the law that allowed people to buy assault weapons at gun shows, and with private owners without a background check. Another burning question in the American psyche is why do ordinary citizens need military-style weapons that were created to produce the most collateral damage as possible on the battlefield?

When President Obama addressed the issue of gun violence in his 2012 State of the Union address, he pleaded with Congress to quickly pass legislation that would clamp down on the sale of assault weapons. The Republicans are in a bit of a quandary. The National Rifle Association aggressively lobbies, and contributes to campaigns that aim to keep Republicans in the House and/or Senate. The Republicans need be in lock step with the president on the issue of gun control. If nothing else, they should pass legislation that would make the ammunition clips that can hold several rounds of bullets for automatic weapons illegal. This would be a starting point.

The extreme right wing of the Republican Party has tried to scare licensed gun owners of America into thinking that President Obama is trying to walk all over their right to bear arms which is the basis of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. This is not the case. President Obama himself likes to hunt with rifles, but he certainly does not require an assault rifle that will squeeze off 60 rounds into an unsuspecting target. What is the purpose of hunting if the objective is slaughter? That is exactly what assault rifles were made for, they were made for the battlefield, not the hunting range.

Republicans need to stand up to the National Rifle Association, and refuse to accept any more campaign contributions. In fact, the NRA should be banned from contact with any member of Congress. The Republicans should no longer be able to take blood money for campaign contributions, and should stand with Democrats and Moderate Republicans to immediately enact legislation that will prevent the slaughter of our children. Our children are the future of America. We, as a nation, have the responsibility and the moral obligation to protect both our children, and their future.

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