“Dear founding fathers…we have a problem.”

I wrote this long before we even knew that Donald J. Trump was going to run for office.


We are on the verge of something epic. Society is not only waking up, it is engaging and encouraging others to engage. We, as a society, are coming together to form “a more perfect union.” I would wager a guess that the founding fathers felt the same excitement that we do. Why is society aroused to action now? Because the first more perfect union experiment proliferated by the founders has failed. American society is fragmented, and we as Americans all share in the responsibility for this. Fragmentation is a means to an end. People like you and I are endowed by our creator or Higher Self with free will. And with our free will, we choose our ethical and moral philosophy. This is called our “moral compass, ” and this compass points us to a direction that leads to a Higher Good.

The more perfect union experiment must now be…

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