Vintage Visions: Premier Blog Post 3/6/2017

I’m back! I took an extended vacation.Talk about procrastination!

Let’s get down to it.  I loved  to read books when I was a kid.  I was a loner.  Even though I had friends, I preferred to be with my books.  I was a good student, and got good grades.  My favorite classes were English and social studies.  And looked what happened…  I’m a history/sociology major at Excelsior College.

The most talked about issue in the age of Trump on social media is politics. Why do political issues consume us? Because they excite our intelligence.   What else is there to talk about (coming from a political junkie)? How can you not want to have some intellectual stimulation  in your life?

I want you to read my blog, and be part of it.  I created this blog to improve my writing skills, and interact with a diverse group of people. I love Republicans, Democrats, Patriots, Socialists and everybody in between.  Nobody wants to talk about the “sticky subjects.”  Nobody except us.

Welcome to the conversation.


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