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I’m back! I took an extended Christmas vacation.Talk about procrastination!

Let’s get down to it.  I loved  to read books when I was a kid.  I was a loner.  Even though I had friends, I preferred to be with my books.  I was a good student, and got good grades.  My favorite classes were English and social studies.  And looked what happened…  I’m writing about politics and religion. I can’t wait to write about debates between well-known Christian apologists like William Lane Craig versus famous atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins:  That’s what turns me on!

Current events, philosophy, international political affairs, you name it. I write it.  I’ll be breaking news on current political or religious controversies, and all sorts of other weirdness.  You’ll know what’s going on. You’ll be the first to know. I live for religion and politics, and so do you. Don’t think you can…

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“Dear founding fathers…we have a problem.”

I wrote this long before we even knew that Donald J. Trump was going to run for office.


We are on the verge of something epic. Society is not only waking up, it is engaging and encouraging others to engage. We, as a society, are coming together to form “a more perfect union.” I would wager a guess that the founding fathers felt the same excitement that we do. Why is society aroused to action now? Because the first more perfect union experiment proliferated by the founders has failed. American society is fragmented, and we as Americans all share in the responsibility for this. Fragmentation is a means to an end. People like you and I are endowed by our creator or Higher Self with free will. And with our free will, we choose our ethical and moral philosophy. This is called our “moral compass, ” and this compass points us to a direction that leads to a Higher Good.

The more perfect union experiment must now be…

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Daytrippin’ the Adirondacks:Wilton Wildlife Preserve

March 22, 2016

Today Daisy and I headed out to Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park in … You guessed it…Wilton, New York. Hiking humor.  This was a day when we decided to have an “official” destination.  I pulled off the side of the road…which is not easy here in the Adirondacks because there is nowhere to pull over unless you want to run into a ditch or tumble off the side of a mountain…and randomly punched in “park” on Google maps on my Android.

This is where we landed…enjoy!


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Daytrippin’ NYS: Saratoga Spa State Park

On this day trip, Daisy and I just took a short trip literally “down the road” to the Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, New York.  It was not such a great day for a day trip because the weather was unpredictable.  Undaunted, Daisy and I bundled up in our sweaters and winter jackets and headed off to the park.

The first place we went to was the “Warming Hut.”  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a place set up for people to come in out from the cold to “warm up.”  Yeah…I’m being sarcastic.  Anyway, Daisy and I went in there and tossed some wood on the fire, sat down, and grabbed lunch.  After talking to my dear friend from Florida for almost two hours in the warming hut, Daisy let me know in no uncertain terms that it was time to leave and go for a walk.

We left the hut and took the following pictures.  Enjoy!

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Daytrippin’ New York State:Kayaderosseras Creek Habitat

On March 13, Daisy and I went for another daytrip.  We didn’t intend to end up at the Kayaderosseras Creek Habitat, but we did…Oh how beautiful! Even though I am a writer, words cannot describe the awesomeness of what we envisioned.  Have a look for yourself and enjoy the pictures.

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The Problem with parking

As I was driving with my dog the other day on my day trip to Corinth, NY…although initially starting out I had no idea where I would end up…I was presented with a conundrum…nowhere to pull off and take pictures.  Considering I was driving up a mountain, I guess that falling off a cliff was not worth the picture.


Daytrippin’ New York State


Daytrippin’ is the subject of my blog.  The blog shows an evolution of not only my attitudes and interests; it  shows my coming into my own as a part of the Generation X.   I suppose at this age I should be wiser than I was in my younger years…maybe I am in some respects, but I have not really changed all that much since I was a young girl growing up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  And that is the genesis of my departure from American politics and activism to a cross country journey towards self-realization.

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